San Francisco face painting for kids

San Francisco face painting for kids

A birthday party with face painting is bound to be a success!

My goal is to provide high-quality creative face painting in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love to do face painting for children because their imagination ignites my own imagination. When I paint on children I engage with them. I learn about their super powers, magical skills, things that frighten and excite them, and of course, their favorite colors. Having a face painting is not the same as wearing a mask. It is a transformation into a magical creature, an animal, an alien, a mechanical being, you name it. Your child and I both decide who or what your child wants to become. Through collaboration and sharing ideas we create a masterpiece. Want to add a little color to your next party?

Face painting is for all ages!

I do not repeat my designs unless I am beeing asked to do it.  Each tiger I paint has a different personality and each spider is dangerous in its own way. I can paint thematic designs. For example, if you want to have the Jungle theme for your party, I will paint various animals that live in the jungle. I might have a book of designs with me to help a child with decision-making, but it will be used only as a reference. My face painting is a gift to your children so I listen very carefully to their preferences. I can paint a full-face or half-face mask-type face paintings, or more delicate designs only for cheeks and foreheads. I can paint a cartoon character, or a character from a fairy tale Рsomething kind, funny, beautiful or scary. My art is for all ages.