Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

Please use the form to contact me. If I have a double booking for a certain day, I will communicate and we could agree on the most convenient time. However, as a rule of thumb, I choose on a first-come-first-served basis. Please book early to ensure availability.

How many hours should I book?

It depends on the nature of your party, how many kids will want to have their faces painted and their ages, which affects their ability to sit still. I can have simple but unique and very creative designs for little kids. It is not easy for a child to sit still so in these situations something fast and simple is perfect. With simple designs, I will need 5 minutes for each face painting. The designs that are more intricate require from 5 to15 minutes. They usually are best for kids for ages 5 and up. The fewer people to be painted the more complex and creative will be my face paintings. Personally, I prefer to make more elaborate and unique designs, but I will adjust and improvise depending on a situation.

If you want highly detailed fantasy faces, full-face or half-face mask-type face paintings, it might take 30 minutes to make one. It takes more time to make highly detailed, multi-layered, theatrical-type adult face paintings. For example, if you need 3 people painted. It might easily require 2 hours. You can do the math and decide for how many hours you want to book me. I have a minimal requirement of 2 hours. You could also ask me if you prefer to receive a rate per each painting. I will provide an accurate quote depending on your ideas and complexity of paintings. I provide pay-per-a-face-painting options only for complex, highly-detailed, theatrical-type adult face paintings.

What do I need to prepare?

If I work outdoors you will need to prepare a space for me to work in a shaded area. The sun will change the properties of the hydrocolor makeup that I use and children’s eyes will water if they have to face the sun. I will bring a comfortable chair for a painted person to sit on and relax, but I will need to have an access to a table or have a chair for my supplies, and a chair for myself. Part of a picnic table and bench works great if your party is in the park. If I am working indoors I will need plenty of light. If I am painting for a large group with many young children, I will need an adult to help me make sure the children are not playing with my supplies and to ensure their own safety. When I am painting I am concentrating on my work and oblivious to what is going on around me.

Can I book only 1 hour?

It is possible to book me for one hour, but only if your location is within 10-mile radius from Martinez, CA and in non-rush hour.

Could you come to SF to work as an attraction for an event?

If you want to invite me for a certain event, please use a form to contact me. List your date and location. We will need to discuss the details.

I have a big event and 40+ people will need their face painted, can you do it?

I do not create an assembly line of face paintings. I am an artist, not a robot. Face painting is my passion and I would like to keep it as such.

Could you also entertain kids? For, example dress up as a clown or a fairy?

I do not provide entertainment services. I socialize with kids while I work. We laugh and tell each other stories, but I am not an entertainer. I will have my own face painted. If I know the theme of your party ahead of time, I will match my face painting to the theme. I might have my hair decorated and perhaps have a matching outfit. I love clowns dearly and admire their work, but I do not provide such services.

Do you have insurance?

I have insurance and am covered to paint you and your children. I use only the highest quality FDA-approved hydrocolor makeup. I buy only from Wolfe brothers and use regular eye shadows for effects.

How easy is it to wash off the hydrocolor makeup?

Baby wipes and a regular soap work great. The hydrocolor makeup is very easy to wash off. You can gently rub the painted areas with a sponge, or just use your hand, with soap and water.

Do you provide photography services?

If you want professional pictures, please write in the message section of the form that you need a photographer. I prefer to work with my own photographers. I will e-mail to you the contact information of my photographer to request a quote.

Photography Disclaimer

I might ask your permission to take a photo of you or your child with a face painting so that I may post it on my website, and my Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media channels that I use for online marketing. When I post a picture the identity of a person on the photo is never revealed. If you allow me to use your photograph for marketing purposes, I will ask you to sign a standard model release form.

What paint and other supplies do you use?

I use FDA-approved skin-safe hydrocolor makeup. I buy hydrocolor makeup from Wolfe Face Art @ FX. I thoroughly clean my brushes after each use. I do not use any adhesives or glue. I use body art quality glitter and regular eye shadows for special effects.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask. Please also use the same form if you are not ready to book, but have a question.