Artist: ElinZe, Face Painting: Scarecrow 1

Meet the Artist: ElinZe

Years of charcoal drawing and acrylic painting helped me to develop my face painting skills. Realizing how much happiness it brings to kids, how exciting it is for adults to change appearance and become someone else, helped me to immerse in this form of artistic expression. I love to experiment with different techniques, brushes, and sponges. I even use fingers when I paint.  In a sense of materials, I use only Wolfe FX Hydrocolor face paints and regular eye shadows for shiny effects. I love to improvise, but I can also easily transform you into your favorite cosplayer. I can copy a design if you will show it to me. I always forget to take pictures when I work. Please feel free to post your own favorite photos on your favorite social media channels. Please use #ElinZe when posting.

I do face painting for many different events:

  • Birthday Party
  • Street Festival
  • Thematic Party
  • Grand Opening
  • Holiday Celebration
  • Sporting Event
  • Bike Rally
  • Fundraiser
  • After-Prom
  • Girls’ Night Out