San Francisco creative face painting and body art

Finding an experienced face painter in San Francisco

Face painting is fun!

Looking for an experienced face painter, or a makeup artist (MUA), in San Francisco often is very difficult. All makeup artists have different styles, techniques, and use different face painting supplies. As one of the San Francisco-based makeup artists, I offer my own unique style of face paintingmakeup, and body art. Please check my gallery to see what I can offer as an artist for children and adults and decide for yourself if you like it.

Artist: ElinZe, San Francisco Face Painting: Cloud

For me, face painting is a form or art and meditation. Why waste coloring books when you can paint on people? Human skin is the best canvas. However, if you want to become a successful MUA you need to practice every day. This is why I love to challenge myself and work at different events such as:


  • Birthday Party
  • Corporate Event
  • Street Fair & Festival
  • Theme Party
  • Grand Opening
  • Holiday Celebration
  • Sporting Event
  • Bike Rally
  • Fundraiser
  • After-Prom
  • Girls’ Night Out

Why face painting is popular?

Face painting was discovered and gained its popularity a long time ago. Humans have painted their faces from very early in our history. In ancient times, face painting was used primarily for rituals, as well as martial and hunting purposes. It was used to connect with your inner spirit, to drive away bad spirits, or to please deities.

Artist: ElinZe, San Francisco Face Painting: Fog

Nowadays face painting is popular because it brings fun to an event or a party and stimulates children’s imagination. Face painting is also gaining its popularity among adults. You might simply want to play with your kids and to do it to become a superhero, an alien or a villain from their favorite comics. Perhaps you want to surprise your guests and make a certain

event in your life, or a theme party, more memorable, or you have a corporate event and looking for creative ways to entertain your employees.  


Why face painting is for you?

If you are a partygoer who loves to party in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is always on a lookout for unique outfits and accessories, or if you get a tremendous kick out of decorating yourself, face painting is your next destination. Don’t be shy and try it! Well, be shy if you want. There is nothing wrong with being shy, but you will regret if you’ll never allow yourself to get an awesome face painting. You might even consider learning a thing or two about face

Artist: ElinZe, San Francisco Face Painting: Psychedelic

painting and try doing it yourself. I provide tips on how to do basic face painting while I am working. If you liked my style and want to contact me, please fill out the form.  Please feel free to contact me if you are planning an event and have a question. This form is not just for booking. If you prefer, you can also contact me via Facebook or Instagram. I am always happy to answer your questions.

Face painting is fun!